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Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace

Not everyone sees eye to eye at the office. Disagreements between colleagues can hurt productivity and hinder teamwork. Conflict resolution expert Teresa Harlow provides collaborative solutions for a hostile work environment.

Common Misbeliefs About Successful Co-Parenting

Although some divorced parents may see it as impossible, cooperative co-parenting is achievable. Teresa Harlow breaks down common misbeliefs and how to move toward collaborative co-parenting.

Back to School: 4 Steps to Avoiding a Hostile Environment

Usually, the back-to-school season is met with excitement, but Covid is complicating the process this year. Conflict resolution expert Teresa Harlow gives four tips to parents and administrators on how to transition from a combative mindset to a collaborative solution.

The Co-Parenting Code for Dating After Divorce

There is a lot to consider for a parent ready to couple up with a new partner after a divorce. How soon should I tell my kids? How about my ex? Follow these six tips on what not to do and what you should do instead.

How to Break It to Your Child(ren) That You’re Getting Divorced

There are many ways parents can approach the delicate subject of divorce with their children. Co-parenting champion Teresa Harlow outlines how to do so lovingly and gently by asking four essential questions first.

Co-Parenting Success: Collaborative Approach to Education

How can divorced parents support their child(ren) in the best way possible while they’re in school? Perhaps one of the most crucial topics for co-parents to be on the same page about, Teresa Harlow gives strategies for co-parents to help their children thrive in school.

How to Approach the Holidays as a Co-Parent

For divorced people with children, the holidays serve the added challenges of dividing time among parents, grandparents, and other extended family members. No parent wants to miss out on precious moments with their child. How can you create family traditions amidst the chaos?
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