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Combative to Collaborative

Teresa Harlow releases a new book on how to transform combative relationships into collaborative partnerships – particularly those between divorced and separated parents.

When parents separate, it usually involves pain and anger between the two. They agonize over ending their relationship because they don't want to cause their children suffering. But according to Teresa, co-parenting isn't just about putting the children first; it's about working together to ensure each person has the opportunity to be the best parent they can be.

Teresa has been successfully co-parenting for two decades and has written two books on the topic, Happily Divorced (2019) and Combative to Collaborative: The Co-Parenting Code (2021). In addition, she has spent more than 30 years in corporate settings and as a business owner working with people to achieve feats they thought were impossible. As an author and speaker, Teresa helps teams and individuals to adopt an empathetic mindset, reconcile combative behaviors, and enjoy more collaborative relationships.

“Co-parenting doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing either your family or your happiness,” says Teresa. “It’s simply a matter of perspective and choices.”

Teresa’s mission is to take positive co-parenting from exception to expectation for all divorced and separated parents, their kids, and loved ones. She was inspired to write Combative to Collaborative because of her experience as a co-parent and stepparent for 20+ years. “Other parents told us that we did it right, and I was inspired to share with parents that it’s not as hard as they may think,” says Teresa.

Combative Behaviors

In her most recent book, Teresa offers strategies for dealing with negativity in constructive ways. Each chapter focuses on a particular issue and reviews common combative behaviors in which parents engage. “By shining a spotlight on combative behaviors, my goal is that the reader will learn to recognize those behaviors, understand the impact of them on their parenting efforts, and learn how to change their mindset from combative to collaborative.”

Working Collaboratively

Teresa ends each chapter with DOs and DON’Ts to keep the reader aligned with collaborative behaviors. In addition, she offers a list of questions and thoughts that she calls the Co-parenting Code, using the Golden Rule: Treat others — mainly, in this case, your co-parent — as you want to be treated.

Three Stages: Uncoupling, Life Goes On, and Correcting Course

The book is split into three stages. “Uncoupling” lays the foundation for principles that are helpful throughout the entire journey of co-parenting. It starts from the beginning of the breakup and examines the basics, like where everyone will live and how to navigate interactions with each other’s families. Stage two, “Life Goes On,” discusses how to deal with new romantic relationships as well as milestone events and holidays. Finally, “Correcting Course” is about what can derail co-parenting efforts and how to cope.

“This book will help you and your family move from anger, animosity, and agitation to consideration, kindness, and cooperation,” Teresa explains.

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PRESS RELEASE 9/27/21 Combative to Collaborative

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